1. All About Social-Emotional Development

    When kids are in school, you know that they’ll learn how to read. You know they’ll learn many things in math (many of which you might have forgotten learning yourself!), they’ll learn history, science, and so many other subjects. Each of these subjects are important, but one of the most crucial subjects of all involves social-emotional development. Interacting with others in a positive manne…Read More

  2. National Farm To School Month

    October is National Farm to School Month! This sounds exciting and all, but what exactly is Farm to School, and why are we celebrating? Our Fontana childcare center is here to explain all. Learn about Farm to School, and enroll in one of our early childhood education programs with Sierra Learning Academy to help your child thrive. National Farm to School Network As their website states, “The Nat…Read More

  3. Free Mighty Minutes® Download

    The first weeks of school are exciting, thrilling, exhausting, and overall, quite the transition. Making the leap from childcare or spending time at home to suddenly being in a new environment with new routines and new schedules can be overwhelming. Our preschool is here to make this transition easier. We’re offering a free download of our Mighty Minutes® teaching strategies for all families …Read More

  4. End Of Summer Crafts

    Summer always seems to fly by, and this year’s been no exception. Even though you’re already thinking about the upcoming preschool or kindergarten year for your young one, it’s always a great idea to slow down, if only for a moment, and cherish the time that you have together until you send them off to school. As an educational childcare center that values creativity, we’ve compiled a list…Read More

  5. Welcome!

    Thanks for visiting Sierra Learning Academy's new site!  We're excited to offer you new information on enrollment and upcoming events!…Read More